Who Can Participate

KYC welcomes all youth (boys and girls) in the community who agree to abide by the choir's
Participant Handbook and Rehearsal Respect Policies.

For boys who would like to participate, please note that this is a treble choir,
and is best suited for boys with unchanged voices.

Preparatory Choirs - K-2

Our Preparatory Choirs are divided by grade with their own director.

Rehearsals: Mondays, 4:40-5:30

Directed by Kati Melgarejo
  • The Kindergarten Preparatory Choir focuses on:
  • - Learning about the difference between singing voice and speaking voice
  • - Learning about pitches
  • - Music exploration through movement
  • - Unison singing
  • - KYC end of semester concert performances

Grades 1 & 2
Directed by Anna Mansfield
  • The Choir for Grades 1-2 focuses on:
  • - Learning how to use head voice
  • - Learning how to project sound without shouting
  • - Focus on more intricate rhythms
  • - Mainly unison singing with the addition of easy partner singing and rounds
  • - Learning how to blend sound
  • - Music exploration through movement
  • - One local performance per semester
  • - KYC end of semester concert performances

Prima Voce - Grades 3-5

Rehearsals: Mondays, 4:40-5:40

  • The Prima Voce Choir focuses on:
  • - Finding your voice
  • - Learning to hear harmonies
  • - Unison and easy round singing progressing into 2 part harmonies
  • - Learning syncopation
  • - Music curriculum focus
  • - One to Two performances per semester
  • - KYC end of semester concert performances

Bella Voce - Grades 6-12

  • Directed by Megan Comin

    Each chorister will have a 15-20 minute, private voice-lesson once a month during regular choir rehearsals. Private lesson schedule will be distributed at the parent meeting after first rehearsal. Private Vocal Lessons will be taught by Deb Sorensen.

Rehearsals: Mondays, 5:45-7:15

  • The Bella Voce Choir focuses on:
  • - Tuning and blending
  • - Unison, 2 part and 3 part harmonies
  • - Focus on vocal placement
  • - Curriculum focus
  • - 2 or more local performances per semester
  • - Music festival competitions
  • - Opportunity for Choir Tours
  • - KYC end of semester concert performances

Chicago Competition

Bella Voce will be traveling to Chicago to participate in the National Festival of Gold competition in April 2019.
New Choristers who register in September will be able to participate in the festival as long as they can successfully learn the vocal techniques and repertoire to the standards of the Bella Voce Choir. Participation of all choristers in the Festival of Gold competition will be determined by the Artistic Director and will be based on attendance, dedication and musicality. All choristers who wish to participate will be responsible for paying for the full cost of the trip, either through private funds or choir fundraising efforts.

Choir History

Founded by Debbie Siebert

Katy Youth Choir (formerly known as Katy Children's Choir), was founded in 2012 by Dr. Debbie Siebert to educate children and youth in the proper way of singing, expose them to rich varieties of music, as well as offer performance opportunities. KYC will not only benefit and add culture to the lives of those who participate, but it will also benefit their families and generations to come. Today more than ever, we are in need of wholesome quality music, and inspirational performance experiences. These influential types of musical experiences change and shape young lives for the better.

The Katy Youth Choir has performed at numerous local events and community celebrations. KYC also appeared in the community musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, as well as singing the National Anthem at Houston Rockets basketball games. Each year as the choir grows, we are able to inspire and engage more children, uplift listeners, and encourage music education that reaches many children, regardless of their circumstances. All children are accepted for placement in the choir.